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The Parnall's Bombing

Many local people worked at Parnall's, in Yate, during the Second World War.

A newspaper article commemorates the bombing.

An account of the bombing raid on Filton, 25th September 1940 and an eyewitness account of the first of the six main raids of the Bristol Blitz.

Eyewitness view of the bombing of Parnall's in Yate, collected by the BBC


Yate Heritage also has information and pictures about this, and there's a great article on the British Museum web site too.


Kenneth Wakefield's book is available from the local library.

Nick Gillett's article in Pub and Club News, 2016

Our thanks to Nick for the following article:

Nick Gillett article on Parnalls bombing.jpg

Kenneth Wakefield's book, Target Filton, has copies of the target maps used by the Luftwaffe.  They also show a "camp" on Westerleigh Common.


The book in the library also has a hand-written account:

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