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The local area was once a centre of mining activity; there were coal mines near Coalpit Heath, and an Iron Mine near the River Frome in Frampton Cotterell.  The Coal Mines had a horse-drawn railway to take the coal to the river Avon (see the Dramway page) while the iron mine had a railway line which linked with the railway line near Iron Acton - you can still see the raised trackbed near the river.

There are local groups interested in the mines, the Friends of Ram Hill Colliery, and the South Gloucestershire Mines Research Group, who both run events.

Pictures from Ram Hill Colliery Open Day


The entrance to the mine shaft - people would be lowered into the mine in a bucket called a kibble.  The power was provided by a "horse gin" - a horse walking around in a circle (see below):

The remains of the engine house, the base of the chimney, and where the wheel was (below and right)

The information below is from the Friends of Ram Hill Colliery.  If you are interested in the mine and would like to see the remains for yourself, please do support the Friends - their website is linked at the top of this page.

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