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Your contributions are always welcome!​

There are a number of links and resources that we often recommend:

Our own Facebook page has a collection of photographs and memories contributed by the public - use the search function or just browse.

Bristol Know Your Place is a fantastic website: it has layers of maps which allow you to "look back through time" to see what was in a particular place; there are also photographs and a wealth of information to explore.  The National Library of Scotland has a similar page.

We are members of Avon Local History and Archaeology (ALHA) who have a fantastically helpful website, featuring local history events, links, and member organisations - including for those interested in family history research, industrial history, archaeology, and much more.


The local Village Action site has a wonderful page of local walks, including the Heritage Walks booklet which is free to download.  Each walk includes a wealth of information and there's something for everyone - children included!

Local Museums and Heritage Sites:

Yate Heritage Centre has a fantastic website with lots of local pictures and information.

Winterbourne Medieval Barn has a site, they run talks and events too.

Thornbury Museum website is very interesting too, as is Frenchay Museum and Glenside Hospital Museum (which has information about early treatment of mental health disorders, and the building's use as a War Hospital in World War One.)

We are very lucky to have the Tudor mansion, Acton Court, in our area.  Find out more about it - including events - at their Facebook page.

Aerospace Bristol tells the story of aircraft manufacture in the area - don't miss our very own Concorde! (Image at left from Lynn Kintziger at Unsplash).

Bristol Museums page covers lots of places - including the Georgian House, Red Lodge, the M Shed, Blaise, the main City Museum, and also Bristol Archives.

For those who like books, don't miss local non-profit Bristol Books, and of course, you can borrow local history books or download magazines (for free) from the local library.

Other links:

Historic England has a searchable database of listed buildings - there are lots in our area.  There is also a searchable database of historic aerial photographs - like this one, of the Dramway.

South Glos Council has a fantastic page with information about our War Memorials.  Each memorial has it's own page with clickable links for each person commemorated; there is also information about where each memorial is.

Bristol Industrial Archaeology Society has a searchable page of articles (e.g. searching for "Frome Mill" brings up infomration about Cog Mill and the Mill at Mill Lane.

Zion Church on Woodend Rd has a history page.

Bristol and Avon Family History Society web page has information about parishes.

Bristol Records Society has published links to pamphlets and information on a wealth of local history topics.  This site is a real gold mine!

An album of pictures taken by Peter Coleman, including the building of the Severn Bridge (which opened in 1966).

A list of Aircraft Accidents in Gloucestershire (starting from 1918).

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